Complex Gaming

We love Esports!



We provide assistance to structure your team and to achieve your individual goals in the best way possible. Further information about our team advantages as well as our applications requirements and details can be found at the matching panel below.



Our organisation Complex Gaming was founded in 2018 and intends to create a successfull collaboration between casual players, teams and the management. CxG stands for fun, cohesion and accompanied by a family like atmosphere.



Complex Gaming offers a variety of options to create connections. The community is very important to us, so our goal is to maintain a family like atmosphere through various actions. such as events or similar.

Complex Gaming

We offer applications and services for teams and member of the community.

Motivation and concept

We provide members with a family like atmosphere to ensure continued Motivation and entertainment without neglecting the individual support of our competitive minded.

Member engagement

You are already a member of CxG and want to support the management and community? Here is your chance, whether as a supporter, streamer or support in any other form is always appreciated! You are interested which exciting tasks are waiting for you? Then contact an admin or leader or submit an application at the following e-mail: [email protected].

Team advantages and benefits

Own practice servers provided by CxG; a seperate discord area; presentation on our website; Individual logos, banner and streaming overlays; casting of league and tournement games; assistance with problems and difficulties; coaching and management if requested; and community internal Events and communitcation.